Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC) is a trading and constructing company in charcoal, coconut shells, white charcoal and activated coconut shells. Our company is based on legal basis, technology transfer basis and the rising needs of activated carbon consumption is increasing in modern social life. Specially, the comsuming and using of raw materials is copious in our coconuts planting agriculture especially in Ben Tre.

Company’s basic information:

Company’s name: Global Carbon resource joinstock company

Company’s name (for short): GCR.,JSC

Status: Active

Company’s code: 0104177499

Legal type: joinstock company

Founded date: 18/9/2009

Legal representative: Nguyen Thanh Lam

Headquater address: 155 Le Duan, Cua Nam ward, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi city, Vietnam.


Science technology basis:

Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC) is established based on activated carbon basic production industries in development, which were inherited, received and promoted from technologies of many countries that have a long time in producing activated carbon like: Japan, Korea,… The company was set up to keep developing and to consume the copious amount of source material of the coconut planting industry in Vietnam.

With the technology transferred from Europe, Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC)  and the proficiency in activated carbon production have been established to serve the needs of the consumers, as well as provide jobs for the people, also by solving efficient the over mount of source materials for the industry, thus creating activated coconut shells.

In and out source material basis of the company:

Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC) technology is inherited and trasfered from countries in Europe. Also, the activated carbon using demands from both in and out of the country is rising daily, as the materials nowadays are in doors industrial waste and can not be well resolved.

For example, bamboos and other left over tree branches from handicrafts art industry, especially coconuts planting agriculture in Ben Tre province which provides most of the raw material for the industries of the country. For providing those demands, our company has been founded.


Company structure diagram:

Eventhough our company is a young enterprise, our employees are brothers and sisters with experience, highly trained professional skills and also enthusiastic. Light personal structure, Horizontal operating structure helps increase the convenience in business and the unified coordination between each parts of the company.

Each department of the company always holds different functions and missions that keeps making the company grows stronger and stronger in order to fulfill our company’s criteria “elite, orderly, light”.

1.    Business department:

-          Consulting the leader for business strategies

-          Monitoring and inspecting works and products quality of other department to bring the customers the highest sevice quality

2.    Design department:

-          Survey status, consulting construction building design, investment project planning, technical economics report of construction investment.

-          Consulting project management, bidding, construction techniques, construction quality supervision.

-          Verification of design documents, of estimates. Examinate construction quality.

3.    Production planning department:

-          Exploiting and operating effective technological line system of the company heading to qualified products that suitable for customer’s requirement, even the most fastidious customer, and still saving materials.

4.    Labortory department

-          With fully and strictly equipped laboratory, our company can run tests to examine the quality of activated carbon to produce the best one for the market.

5.    Administrative personnel department

-          Ensure all of the departments, individuals in the company well functioning.

-          Ensure all of the departments doing the right jobs, avoid blaming and overlapping.

-          Ensure to recruit, build and develop workers as request and strategy of the company.

6.    Financial accounting department

-          Make office rules, equip the office, manage machines and tools.

-          Set up accounting paper systems, and make reports about tax, accounting statistic, financial report (periodic or abnormal). Reporting economic contract processing situation, total production business processing situation of the company.

-          Set up income and outcome, paper updates, funding, capital base management, capital search for company development.

Our company is and will breakthrough, reach solid growth level, building  brand that will sustainablly develop, provide and satify customer’s needs. With modern technology line, our products always varied, provide high demands of the market both quality and quantity(providing potential 100tn/month).

Our activity motto is to bring the best products to the hand of the customers. Within the following time, we will keep research and invest more in production line in order to reach quality products with competitive price.

On the other hand, our Company always ready to cooperate, trading experience and trasfering technology to all associates in out of the country.

Our business motto are being healthy, friendly environment, convenient uses and cost saving,

Yours satisfaction and responds are our Company’s success!

Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC) always studies and hopes to get your attention and assosiation.


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