Activation progress and activation technology of GLOBAL CARB.

With modern activated carbon technology production imports from Europe, Global Carbon resources jointstock company (GCR.,JSC) has created the First uninterruptedly and closely activated carborn production progress in Vietnam. In order to gain more information about the progress, please checkout below.

With products quality as our top criterion, Global Carbon resources jointstock company (GCR.,JSC) provides many good products to the market, the variety of consumption, brings the most satisfaction to the customers.

Our products are produced based on advanced, modern technology with progress and technology researched by our own company, also inherited production industry of many modern countries like Japan, Korea and Europe… Production progress and production technology of our company are based on the most modern technology nowadays, which is reaching final products within 1 production progress – from material input to material output, no need for stages. Especially, our activated carbon is activated by steam water, not by chemical so it is very safe to be used.

Activated carbon activation progress of GLOBAL CARB

-          Firstly, the materials input selection of coconut must be old coconut shell to make sure the humidity is not over 15%

-          Afterwards, crack the shells into small pieces 3x5mm. Please notice to purify shreds and debris.

-          With the technology imports from Europe, connective rotary reactor(no need for carbonization process  like old factories and technologies), which means that the input ingredient, dry coconut shell, is put in the connective rotary reactor and  through the process. The final product after the process will give us fully coconut shell activated carbon.

Our technologies have skip through the incoherent carbonization process from the outside so that the process from input to output ingredients will give us only activated carbon, instead of 2 stages like other factories which have to get through carbonization and activation progress, therefore costing ingredients consumption, workers cannot maintain the quality which was given and cannot provide the order demands of customers.

The constant process coconut shell activated carbon production progress of our company:

First the ingredients will be handled to create the proper ingredients as desire→ then the reactor rotation will burn coconut shells in anaerobic environment within 50-60 minutes with the heat from 400-500oC, after that the coal will be activated by steam water happens by the following chemical equation( Cn+ H2O = Cn -1 + H2 +CO – O). That is the process of making coconut shell activated carbon of Global Carbon resources jointstock company (GCR.,JSC),  with technologies imported from Europe. Totally different from traditional technologies and activation technologies by chemical, our products are ensure to provide safety health for people and many other applications in life like making beauty, medicine, water and air purification…

Our company with professional and experience workers, modern technological machine system, applying the progress and activation technologies of Global Carb to deliver the best products to the hands of customers.

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