Granular activated carbon and its applications

Thursday - 03/10/2019 17:27
Granular activated carbon is used a lot in applications of water filtration, water treatment, waste water, .. Let's learn about granular activated carbon through the article below!
Granular activated carbon and its applications
Granular activated carbon is a product made from coconut shell material by activation method at very high temperatures. This is a very popular product in water filtration and wastewater treatment works, water supply, ...

This article, would like to send all readers information about the product to help you. Understand why this product is so widely used. Let's follow cell write!

1. What is granular activated carbon?

Granular activated carbon is a type of coal made from coconut shell material by activating steam at very high temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius under anaerobic conditions.
Products with common particle sizes are: 6x12 mesh, 5x10 mesh, 4x8 mesh, in addition, depending on the requirements and purposes of the user, coal will have other particle sizes.
granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon - Artwork

With small particle size, large contact surface area will increase the absorption of dirt, impurities into the tiny pores inside the molecular structure of coal and increase the pressure to attract molecules in the substance. gas or liquid.

2. Common types of granular activated carbon

Types of granular activated carbon

Classification of granular activated carbon

On the market, granular activated carbon is produced with a variety of particle sizes to meet the needs of many different fields. Here are the particle size, basic size that you can refer to:

  • Size 4 - 8 mesh (2.38mm - 4.75mm)
  • Size 6 - 12 mesh (1.40mm - 3.35mm)
  • Size 8 - 20 mesh (0.85mm - 2.38mm)
  • Size 8 - 30 mesh (0.50mm - 2.38mm)
  • Size 10 - 32 mesh (0.50mm - 1.70mm)
  • Size 12 - 40 mesh (0.35mm - 1.41mm)
  • Size 24 - 48 mesh (0.30mm - 0.71mm)
  • Size 30 - 60 mesh (0.25mm - 0.50mm)

3. Application of granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon is very popular for use with many outstanding advantages such as: low cost, high adsorption capacity and can be applied in water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, flexible use time. Activated according to impurity content, ..

3.1. Filter domestic water, industrial waste water

With large particle size and no fear of being washed away even in places with strong currents, granular activated carbon is used a lot in water filtration. Especially the wastewater treatment systems, waste water treatment tanks of industrial parks, etc.

In addition, coal is also widely used to filter domestic water for the purposes of: deodorizing fishy odor. and heavy metals in bore well water, remove excess chlorine in tap water, ..

3.2. In industry

  • Handling pollution of exhaust gas and waste water in industry.
  • As raw materials in the production of gas masks, masks, ..
  • Supporting industries such as gold smelting, electroplating, reclaiming precious metals.
  • Deodorizing support for processing industries such as seafood processing, tobacco
  • Production of chemicals, petroleum, medicine, .. 

4. Where is granular activated carbon sold well?

As a leading company in the field of activated carbon production in Vietnam with a modern manufacturing plant located in Ben Tre Province. We always bring customers the quality products, the most affordable price on the market. Some information and granular activated carbon products at our company you can refer to:

  • Is a product produced in Ben Tre province with abundant source of coconut shells up a lot cheaper price than imported products but the quality is not inferior.
  • Can be applied to supply and waste water treatment systems without fear of leaching or loss
  • Time to use very flexible from 6 to 9 months depending on the amount of toxins and the amount of substance to be handled.
Note when using granular activated carbon to filter water:
  • Need to wash dirt before putting into the filter tank
  •  Spread a layer of coal with a thickness of 0.7 - 0.9 m for the best filtration effect
  • Use a period of time to conduct backwashing, mixing and redistributing the coal layer to help the saturation time of coal longer, the filtration efficiency will be higher.
  • It is necessary to separate the activated carbon, sand, gravel, etc. with a mesh layer to avoid causing disturbance which will lose the use of coal.
Granular activated carbon at Global company
Granular activated carbon at Global Activated Carbon Joint Stock Company
Some of the company's outstanding products:

4.1. Coconut shell activated carbon in the form of iodone granules> 1000

Physical targets:

Shape: Iodone coal> 1000 has particle size from 0.075mm - 4.75mm (4 mesh - 200 mesh), in addition, depending on customer requirements there will be a change in size accordingly.
  • Color: Charcoal black
  • Density: Activated carbon of this form has a density at 250 degrees Celsius: 0.440 - 0.600 g / ml
  • Moisture: Maximum of 5%
  • Accommodation: Maximum of 3%
  • PH: From 9 - 11
Chemical targets:
Number Name indicator Pure water Gas treatment Deodorant Refining gold
first Iodine number (mg / g) 900 -1100 1,200 1,050 1,100
2 CTC adsorption (%) 40-60 65 55 60
3 Methylene Blue (Ml / g) 130 -180 200 160 170
4 Benzene (%) 22-33 35 30 3

4.2. Iodine activated carbon product> 700

Physical indicators
  • Ash level (%): 4-6
  • Loader (%): 5-7
  • Sulfur (%): <0.5
  • Carbon (%):> 86.5
  • Heat (Kcal / Kg): 7900 - 8200
  • Acid Soluble (%): <2.5%
  • Porosity (%):> 50%
  • Density (g / cm3):> 1.4
  • Broken level: <2.5%

This product has a lot of outstanding advantages, but the most significant ones are price and quality. Although it is much cheaper than imported goods, we are committed to the quality of the product is not inferior.

Above is information about granular activated carbon products and practical applications of this product in life that we want to share with you. Hopefully, through the article, you have a better understanding of the advantages and effects of the product, and know where to buy activated carbon best in Vietnam.

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