Coconut shell activated carbon products with iodine > 700

Saturday - 22/09/2018 15:40
Coconut shell activated carbon with iodine > 700 is the product of Global Carbon resource joinstock company (GCR.,JSC).


pH Valune 7.5 - 10, idione mgm / gm 700 - 200, CTC 35 - 90, Moister (max) 5%, Ash (max) 5%, Hardness (%) 90 - 98


Production methods

Nowadays, coconut shell coal is produced by activation methods heating from 850 - 950oC in Vietnam

The uses of Coconut shell activated carbon is to discolor, purify smell, heavy metal, organic chemical compound, medicine.



This activated carbon has many special advantages, including prices, good quality, cheaper than other products from abroad but same quality.

Customers can completely rest assured that our poducts have reach high quality, and have already been applied to many water provision construction and waste water construction which has alot of important application meaning to daily life.


Application range

Coconut shell activated carbon has important application range in discolor, purification, heavy metals, pesticide and organic chemical compound.


Uses recommendation

User highly pay attention to the purify verlocity depending the waste, poison, chemical that needs to be taken care of. In case of taking care of overuse Cloride: 40m/hour; in case of organic chemical compoud: 6m/hour; activated carbon thick level: 0,7 - 0,9m.

In the process of using, sometimes it needs to be rewashed to mix up and for redistribution of carbon level.

To make sure the safety and efficiency, please wash it clean before use.


Overall, Coconut shell activated carbon iodine > 700 with characters, specifications, specific extracting methods, many applications, important uses to human life, including water purification and other environmental issues. For more infomations about this Coconut shell activated carbon to seperate it from the others, please contact to us through Adress: number 115 Le Duan, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem province, HaNoi city, Vietnam. Telephone: 0988 082 723(Mr Lam)



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